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Welcome to, the official website of the GTC.   Pretty cool, right?  But, The website is more than just a gimmick.   The website is a one stop shop for all of your GTC informational needs.  The History page is a place to store, share, and access all recorded history of the tournament.     The website will be the preferred method for distributing all GTC news, calendar events, player profiles, venue profiles, and even a few tidbits about the game of golf here and there.   Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a few guest writers now and then to share their favorite GTC stories.

When important GTC is distributed via the website, you will receive a notification via the GTC Instagram page similar to the one that directed you here today.  

The website is currently still under construction, so much of the intended content is currently unavailable, we’ll be working to make additions in the upcoming weeks.

but..  Go ahead, look around.  There’s lots to see.   If you have any thoughts on the site, changes that should be made, items that should be added, feel free to comment below.



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