2018 Summer Events

2018 Dacotah Ridge Double – Date TBA




Welcome to the 2018 Summer Events page.

As the summer season progresses, players will be given ample opportunity to participate in Summer events so as to measure themselves against their fellow GTC golfers.

Obviously, players will be notified of these events by email, text, telephone, and word of mouth, but documentation of these events will be kept here on the 2018 Summer Events page.

Events with advanced planning will be posted to the site to help players adjust their calendars accordingly.   Additionally, results of completed events will also be posted here to help absent players scout their fellow GTC members from a distance.

Golf season has arrived.  It is an exciting time for all.  Now get out there and hit the links.   Plan a summer event.  Train.


Fairways & Greens,

The Golf Tournament of Champions